Our Story

Our law firm is here to help victims of auto or traffic accidents in which a commercial vehicle or truck happened to be at fault in the accident. These cases can generally be complex, however our expert Texas truck accident injury attorneys have handled thousands of these cases with tremendous success.

Our job is to examine every detail of your case, interview witnesses, police officers, and work for you.

From the start, we built our our law firm with an experienced, dedicated, and winning team. When you call us, you won’t get an attorney fresh out of law school. You will receive expert advice, and talk with attorneys with decades of experience in these types of traffic accidents. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars for wrongful deaths, and serious injuries. In the event you are hit by a large commercial truck, you should feel lucky to survive the accident, second seek medical attention right away and contact our law office right away.

Truck drivers can often be at fault in a traffic accident for a number of reasons, we aggressively pursue settlement with their employers, and insurance companies to obtain a favorable settlement on behalf of our clients. Not only does that person who struck your vehicle represent themselves and are at fault, but they also represent their employer who also has a financial responsibility to make things right for victims injured due to their employee’s negligence on the roadways. Their insurance company will usually try to settle the case out of court and quickly for a much lower amount than you deserve if you lack attorney representation.

Our team of dedicated Texas truck accident attorneys will work day and night to force the insurance company to pay you the amount that is right for your circumstance. We don’t take no for an answer, and if necessary, we will fight them in the courtroom. We let them know that from the very start of your case.