Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney in Texas

There are many reasons you should strongly consider the services of a personal injury attorney in Texas in the event you have been involved in an auto accident where a commercial truck was involved. Our attorneys have handled many of these cases with success and have obtained large cash settlements for our clients who come to us for help.

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  • EXPERIENCE. The expertise and knowledge of the trucking accident attorneys in our Texas law office can be highly beneficial for any victim in a truck accident case. We deal with these issues on a daily basis and have many strategies put in place to make sure that our clients will not only have the highest quality representation, but that we won’t fail and will be highly aggressive in our approach.
  • DEDICATION. The dedication displayed by the legal team we work with to help our clients is truly like no other Texas truck accident law firm. Our promise is to always be available, always be understanding, always be courteous, shoot you straight, and go after the at fault party with everything we have.
  • COMPENSATION. Hiring an experienced Texas truck accident attorney can increase your chances of strengthening your case. We can establish a strong value of your case, and ultimately obtain a much higher settlement offer than you would on your own in dealing with the at fault party’s insurance company.
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  • MEDICAL CARE. If you have been involved in a auto collision involving a commercial truck, chances are you have suffered serious injury and will require medical treatment. Our Texas commercial truck injury attorneys work with a network of medical professionals who will treat you and delay payment. Don’t worry about paying anything out of pocket, we will require the at fault party’s insurance company to pay these costs associated with the accident, and if their coverage does not cover it, we will go after the employer and force them to pay these fees.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE. In these types of truck accidents it is most likely your truck or automobile is no longer functional and most people don’t own their vehicles out right, so we will work with the insurance company to pay off your auto loan.
  • LOSS OF INCOME. In the event you have been badly hurt in a commercial trucking accident you will likely miss time at work causing a financial hardship while you recover. Our Texas trucking accident attorneys will make sure you are well compensated for your loss of time on the job and in some cases loss of a job entirely depending on the industry you work in.
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These are just a few of the many reasons that one should strongly consider hiring an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney in Texas. Our injury lawyers do not require payment up front whatsoever and if we lose you will pay nothing. Hiring a personal injury attorney that specializes in commercial trucking accidents will strengthen both your case and the value of your personal injury settlement claim in Texas.