Head On Crash – Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Head On Crash – Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

A head-on accident is terrifying. The driver may see what’s coming and have no way to avoid a collision. Only the integrity of the vehicle body and the effectiveness of seat belts and air bags can prevent death or very serious injury.

Anyone who has been in a head-on collision and survived is likely to need emergency medical help. With skilled care, a complete recovery may be possible, or an injured person may face living with a permanent disability throughout the rest of his or her life.car accident lawyers

If anyone dies in the accident, the grieving survivors can sue a negligent driver for the victim’s wrongful death, just as injured people can sue to be compensated for their injuries.

Why Head-On Accidents Happen

Cars should not meet head-on in a traffic lane, with no way to escape a collision. Often, one of the drivers has not been paying attention. From time to time, head-on collisions occur on highway entrance and exit ramps because a driver mistakenly headed the wrong way.

On two-lane roads – especially on curves taken at too high a speed – if roads are slippery, or if a driver is distracted, a tiny slip can send one car careening head-on into oncoming vehicles.

Even on a divided highway with a wide grassy median separating the lanes, a head-on collision is possible. An exhausted driver falls asleep or an impaired driver loses control, so that a vehicle traveling at highway speeds drifts off the road into the median and across into oncoming traffic.

Accident Research For Improved Head-On Crash Safety

Investigation into the causes and effects of accident types is constantly being conducted by organizations like IIHS. They deliberately subject vehicles to various kinds of crashes, including head-on and T-bone collisions, with crash test dummies to measure potential effects on human occupants.

Automakers have taken the IIHS tests to heart, building vehicles with more crush-proof structure to protect the occupants. In the front end of cars, the crush-proof structures are concentrated in the central part, rather than at the side edges of the front.

Results May Be Surprising

The results of IIHS head-on crash tests may be surprising. People may commonly believe that they should swerve to try to avoid a head-on collision, but that may not be the safest strategy if the cars inevitably collide.

If the cars in a head-on crash do not meet squarely, but at an offset, a front corner of one car overlaps and strikes the front corner of the other when they make impact. These overlap accidents might seem less catastrophic than a full-on collision with the whole front width of both cars.car accident attorney

However, given the cars’ structure, an overlap head-on crash affects an area that is not built as strongly to withstand collision force. Crash forces can force a front wheel into the passenger compartment, bringing crushing impact to anyone seated there. Legs and feet can be seriously hurt.

Greater Protection
When the full width of the car’s front crashes into any object, including another car’s front end, the maximum crush-zone protective structures prevent the car’s front end from collapsing fully into the passenger compartment. When airbags deploy as they are supposed to – and people are properly restrained by seat belts – the damage to life and limb may be less severe than in an overlap crash. If you have any more question for our Car Accident Attorneys in San Antonio, click here please

Texas Trucking Accident Lawsuit Settlements

Based upon the intention or carelessness of the liable party, the seriously injured party may possibly be eligible for financial settlement from that party via a settlement deal or perhaps a judgment. Motor vehicle collisions, the area where most compensation for injuries actions occur, here is a great example of the way the tort system operates. You’ve got a negligence claim inside a “fault” state should you be seriously injured by way of a motorist who neglected to exercise acceptable care and attention, due to the fact drivers have got a responsibility to exercise acceptable care and attention whenever they’re on the highway. Once they break the rules of that obligation as well as your personal injury results, accidental injury law states you are able to recover your losses.

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You then become the plaintiff in the situation and the one who seriously injured you will become the defendant. Attorneys for every side (as well as the insurance company) usually start collecting details by means of exchange of files, written questions (interrogatories) or depositions (queries which are questioned face-to-face and clarified under oath). This method is known as discovery. Following discovery, most cases get resolved prior to trial. Just a small portion of personal injury actions actually head to trial.

A standard reason for commercial transport and automobile accidents is driver lack of knowledge. Truck motorists can’t brake, speed up or move around just as easily as an car or truck. Truckers encounter minimal field of vision. The automobile driver might not actually know these limits, putting the automobile motorist, the truck driver along with other automobiles in serious risk.

A primary reason a truck accident lawsuit is really complex is the fact that there are a variety of many parties who’re responsible for the automobile accident. This really is hardly ever the situation in auto accidents, in which most accidents steam right down to driver-vs.-driver issues. Texas truck accident attorneys at our law office comprehend the complicated dynamics of legal responsibility in these instances.

Our truck accident attorneys are remarkably detailed in going after justice and settlement for just about any injury you have endured in the accident. We will adhere to each and every feasible lawful method and battle for your benefit.

Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney in Texas

There are many reasons you should strongly consider the services of a personal injury attorney in Texas in the event you have been involved in an auto accident where a commercial truck was involved. Our attorneys have handled many of these cases with success and have obtained large cash settlements for our clients who come to us for help.

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  • EXPERIENCE. The expertise and knowledge of the trucking accident attorneys in our Texas law office can be highly beneficial for any victim in a truck accident case. We deal with these issues on a daily basis and have many strategies put in place to make sure that our clients will not only have the highest quality representation, but that we won’t fail and will be highly aggressive in our approach.
  • DEDICATION. The dedication displayed by the legal team we work with to help our clients is truly like no other Texas truck accident law firm. Our promise is to always be available, always be understanding, always be courteous, shoot you straight, and go after the at fault party with everything we have.
  • COMPENSATION. Hiring an experienced Texas truck accident attorney can increase your chances of strengthening your case. We can establish a strong value of your case, and ultimately obtain a much higher settlement offer than you would on your own in dealing with the at fault party’s insurance company.
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  • MEDICAL CARE. If you have been involved in a auto collision involving a commercial truck, chances are you have suffered serious injury and will require medical treatment. Our Texas commercial truck injury attorneys work with a network of medical professionals who will treat you and delay payment. Don’t worry about paying anything out of pocket, we will require the at fault party’s insurance company to pay these costs associated with the accident, and if their coverage does not cover it, we will go after the employer and force them to pay these fees.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE. In these types of truck accidents it is most likely your truck or automobile is no longer functional and most people don’t own their vehicles out right, so we will work with the insurance company to pay off your auto loan.
  • LOSS OF INCOME. In the event you have been badly hurt in a commercial trucking accident you will likely miss time at work causing a financial hardship while you recover. Our Texas trucking accident attorneys will make sure you are well compensated for your loss of time on the job and in some cases loss of a job entirely depending on the industry you work in.
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These are just a few of the many reasons that one should strongly consider hiring an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney in Texas. Our injury lawyers do not require payment up front whatsoever and if we lose you will pay nothing. Hiring a personal injury attorney that specializes in commercial trucking accidents will strengthen both your case and the value of your personal injury settlement claim in Texas.