Types Of Trucking Accident Injuries , Texas Personal Injury

There are many type of injuries associated with commercial trucking accidents in Texas. These injuries can be very serious, life threatening and death can even result from serious injuries suffered in a trucking accident. In this article we will discuss a few:

Brain Injuries – Brain injuries can be very serious, traumatic, life threatening, and life changing. Brain Injuries occur when there has been a serious impact to the head or brain in an auto accident. The level or degree of impact can determine how severe the brain injury is. The impact can cause swelling of the brain, injury to the brain stem, and other serious conditions.

Back Pain – Back pain is one of the most common injuries in any auto accident, not to mention trucking accidents. In fact, if you have back pain from being hit by a commercial truck, consider yourself very fortunate.

Broken Limbs – Broken limbs can happen as a direct result of serious impact from a large commercial truck accident in Texas. It is very common for people involved in these severe types of trucking accidents to break an arm, a leg, their back, and sometimes even their necks.

Paralysis – Paralysis is a serious condition that can happen from a serious trucking accident. There are a number of ways it can happen in a trucking accident in Texas, but this is a serious life changing injury because the medical condition becomes permanent. This type of serious ailment can also cause the victim involved to lose a job due to their lack of skill necessary to perform the job properly. In many cases, these individuals find themselves on disability because they have been physically disabled in the accident. This is why hiring a Texas commercial trucking accident attorney makes sense. Our Texas trucking accident lawyers can make sure that our clients are properly compensated for their disability as a result of a truck accident.

Death – Death is a common result from a commercial trucking accident because of obvious circumstances. The trucks are much larger and much heaver than that of motorcycles, cars or standard trucks on the road. Often times the impact between the two vehicles can cause death upon impact. It’s an unfortunate scenario, but in this case immediate family members must file a wrongful death claim. Losing a loved one is always heart breaking and no amount of money can ever make the situation right. Accidents happen, but at least our Texas trucking accident attorneys can help get the maximum compensation to help with any funeral related expenses, medical costs, and provide compensation for the surviving family members of the deceased.

Trucking Accidents And Medical Costs

This consists of repayment for your expenses of all the medical therapy, beginning soon after the automobile accident, ongoing to the current day and when applicable, into future treatment. You file healthcare expenses with expenditures from all of your treatment services, such as the emergency vehicle, medical center or hospital, physicians, chiropractic doctors, etc.

This too consists of diagnostic tests, x-rays, MRIs, CT tests, and then any other exams and assessments. Essentially, your healthcare expenses consist of all expenses by any means associated with your treatment and rehabilitation.

Included in this are other expenses associated with the automobile accident as well as your injuries, including doctor prescribed and over-the-counter prescription drugs, health-related aids like crutches and slings, prorated sums for fuel and car parking charges expected when you are traveling to healthcare visits, repayment for any car rental, and then any additional fees you wouldn’t have in the event you were not wounded.

Retain receipts for just about any expenditures linked to your injuries and therapy, beginning with the day of the automobile accident. You may also calculate upcoming out-of-pocket costs, if relevant.

Here are some specific types of medical costs associated with accidents involving both serious injury and even death related expenses that are very common in trucking accident injury claims:

  • Back pain, Chiropractic treatments including multiple appointments and sometimes medical injections
  • Rehabilitation costs for broken limbs, paralysis, and physical therapy
  • Prescription drug costs associated with pain or antibiotics, or other commonly used drugs for medical treatment
  • Health insurance related expenses or out of pocket medical expenses that a victim incurred due to needing medical attention right away
  • Emergency room fees
  • Doctor visits, co-pays
  • X ray fees
  • Blood tests and other types of medical examinations
  • Surgery
  • Medical treatment
  • Medical devices
  • Travel expenses
  • Future treatment
  • Funeral costs in the event of death

These are all very common types of medical expenses that individuals who have been injured in a trucking accident, have to pay for out of pocket, that is why it is very important to find a Texas trucking accident lawyer that can help with delaying payment for medical costs.

Fort Worth Truck Accident Attorneys

There aren’t many Texas accident injury attorneys who specifically focus on truck accidents or trucking accidents. These cases can turn into complex matters involving multiple parties and possibly more than one cause of the accident. In these types of Texas personal injury claims, an individual must look for an expert Fort Worth truck accident lawyer for legal representation. Our Texas Truck accident attorneys have many years of experience in regard to Texas truck accident injury cases. We have handled many with success and offer a free consultation to each and every potential client. Call today and start your case for $0 down.

Often times when considering trucking accidents on highways or roadways in Texas, there can be many causes for the accident due to the negligence or carelessness of the truck driver. Our Fort Worth truck accident attorneys have proven negligence in a long number of cases on behalf of our clients and have settled for millions of dollars. Here are some examples of negligence on the part of a truck driver:

  • Large truck tires are not meant to travel at high speeds, traveling at a high rate of speed can cause severe damage to a large truck tire causing a blowout which may result in a truck driver losing control of the vehicle.
  • Too much cargo on the large truck can play a role involving the truck driver to cause an accident in many ways such as braking, maneuvering differently, and cause the trucker to lose some control as well.
  • Visibility issues can arise, and sometimes the truck driver can lose sight of a vehicle in their mirrors.
  • Texting while driving is becoming a serious problem for causing auto accidents, even for truck drivers.
  • Intoxication can also be the cause of any auto accident, including Texas truck accidents.
  • Truck drivers tend to drive longer hours than your typical driver on the road, and not enough rest as well as fatigue can cause the truck driver to fall asleep at the wheel, and lose focus while driving.

Our job as your Fort Worth truck accident attorneys is to make sure we track down all parties that can possibly be involved in the lawsuit settlement claim such as the truck driver themselves, the company they work for, the shipping or loading company if different, their insurance company, and the manufacturer of the large truck. Our legal team of Fort Worth truck accident attorneys will interview each party, gather the facts and details surrounding the accident to determine our best legal approach to obtaining a favorable personal injury settlement on behalf of our clients. We do our homework when it comes to representing our clients the moment they need us.

If you or someone you know has been injured, badly hurt, or has suffered death as a result of an Fort Worth truck accident, contact our Fort Worth truck accident attorneys today for a free consultation. Get help today.